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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Microsoft security sandbox for IE Still broken after all these years
  • Using Words To Battle Cyber Losses JD Supra press release
  • Backoff PoS Malware is Crafty and Dangerous USCERT Warns Infosecurity Magazine
  • Fiesta Exploit Kit Starts Delivering a Double Payload Infosecurity Magazine
  • Kaspersky Bots Malware Exploit Elasticsearch Vulnerability Talkin Cloud
  • Microsofts EMET 5.0 blocks vulnerable plugins
  • Turn a Raspberry Pi into your own personal cloud
  • Chinese TV Hacked by Dissidents in CartoonVillain Fashion Slate Magazine blog
  • Obama Defends CIA Chief After Senate Computer Hacking Scandal National Journal
  • Today In Security Mitro Joins Twitter Microsoft Launches EMET 5.0 Tor Hacked Toms Hardware Guide
  • Mail did not reveal to PCC or Leveson that News of the World hacked staff The Guardian
  • CIA admits improperly hacking Senate computers Washington Times
  • 12 Years After Its Debut On Hacked Xboxes XBMC Changes Its Name To Kodi TechCrunch
  • NO ONE IS SAFE The USB Has Been Hacked Daily Caller
  • Judge wont free Russian accused of hacking in US Colorado Springs Gazette
  • Hacking attack in Canada bears signs of Chinese army unit expert Reuters
  • What to do about selfies
  • Paddy Power contacts 650000 customers over data theft
  • Five signs that Amazon is the new Microsoft
  • New Gameover ZeuS Variant and Shylock Rebuild Botnets
  • EMET Exploit Mitigation Tool Expands Protection
  • Andr SMSSpyBU
  • Mal AgentAPB
  • Troj AgentAIBT
  • Troj AgentAIBU
  • Troj BankerGEA
  • Troj DocDropCO
  • Troj DocDropCP
  • Troj DwnLdrLTA
  • Troj RamdoAA
  • Troj RansomAJY
  • Plusstotal9.4
  • Price Slayer
  • GRIDMonetize
  • ClipyHD
  • VoIP Phone System Feature and Vendor Comparison Guide
  • Powerful VoIP Phone Systems That Grow As Your Business Does
  • Ruling Against Microsoft Raises EMail Privacy Concern Top Tech News
  • BYOD Security Holes Demand Robust Test Solutions EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet
  • USB Security Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack PCs NewsFactor Network
  • Twitter Buys Password Manager Startup Mitro Top Tech News
  • NETWORK SECURITY Twitter Government Requests for Customer Data . Top Tech News
  • Network security Threat intelligence feeds parse a sea of data TechTarget
  • Vuln RubyGems CVE20134363 Denial of Service Vulnerability
  • Vuln WordPress PageflipBook Plugin pageflipbook language Parameter Local File Include Vulnerability
  • Vuln RETIRED WordPress A Page Flip Book Plugin pageflipbook.php Local File Include Vulnerability
  • DarkMatter Curing the internet of digital threats
  • How one judge singlehandedly killed trust in the US technology industry
  • LIVE From Las Vegas Dark Reading Radio at Black Hat
  • Backoff Malware Time To Step Up Remote Access Security
  • Googles awesome Google Now Launcher is finally ready to take over your nonNexus phone
  • Canadas NRC breach work of Chinese statesponsored actor
  • Study CISO leadership capacity undervalued by most Clevel execs
  • Microsoft must give govt customer records on foreign server
  • About 2800 victims of worldwide infostealing campaign targeting various sectors
  • Android malware spreads via mail tracking SMS spam
  • Hackers target video game companies to lift copy protections and develop cheats


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